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We are excited to announce the approval and funding of our proposal called “Market-Entry of Graphene-based large-Area MOdulators with a Radical Production of Holographic displays” (MEGAMORPH) by ATTRACT Phase 2 from the European Commission H2020.

For the following 26 months, SCALE Nanotech will coordinate the MEGAMORPH project funded with 2 million EUR to develop evaluation kits that will integrate graphene-MEMS display technology. This project will help establish the steppingstone for commercialization of such display technology for many applications.

MEGAMORPH is a follow-up to the GIMOD (Graphene Interferometric Modulator Display) project  implemented through ATTRACT Phase 1 with renewed ambitions. MEGAMORPH project consortium is composed of innovation leaders with a market-driven: Graphenea Semiconductor, Morphotonics, TNO, CIN-ergy and VividQ.

The value-chain concept of the MEGAMORPH consortium aims at producing evaluation kits with industrial drive to enable a fast and disruptive market entry by 2024.

The acronym “MEGAMORPH” reflects the big change that the project must achieve: boosting the development of AR/VR products in Europe with a unique graphene-based technology, with one clear mindset: Go Big or Go Home. Let the fun begin!